Garden for wedding receptions

The gorgeous garden of Chateau Montagne hotel is a fitting décor for your wedding reception, no matter if you picture it to be strictly elegant or more of a casual entertainment.

Its capacity is 200 seats. Soft green grass, trees with exuberant green crowns, a swimming pool with water as blue as the sky – romance is guaranteed. We will take care of everything else.

We have our own tents, tables and chairs – everything that is needed for a garden wedding reception. We can arrange them in whatever configurations you wish. We also discuss with you, the bride and groom, the type of décor and the tonality, and afterwards have the responsibility to make everything the way you pictured it to be.

Usually, we arrange the tables for the cocktail party and the welcoming of the guests on the grass and the dinner tables along the swimming pool. On the green lawn we decorate the arch under which the ritual will take place and arrange the chairs for the guests.

But if you have any other ideas or wishes regarding your garden wedding reception – we are ready to discuss and make them real. Call us.